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17 janvier 2010 / 18h18
- Israelis Save Eight Lives; Deliver New Baby at Israeli Field Hospital in Haiti

The Black and Jewish Alliance of Friendship offers its condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
Israeli and Jewish groups continue their efforts to provide relief to the people of Haiti.[1]

On Jan. 15, the Israel Defense Forces’ emergency aid team arrived in Haiti, consisting of a medical mission and search and rescue teams.[2] The team has established a major field hospital adjacent to Port-au-Prince’s soccer stadium, which is reported to be one of the largest medical facilities currently operating in Haiti with the capacity to treat up to 500 patients per day.[3] The field hospital is equipped with:

Operating rooms
An intensive care ward
A maternity ward
Pediatrics ward
Incubator units
X-ray equipment
10 tons of medical equipment
90 beds, 66 intensive care beds and two delivery beds
Approximately 250 personnel, including 40 doctors and specialists, 20 nurses and several paramedics.[4]
The IDF search and rescue teams include about 30 operators and dozens of operations personnel including logistics IT, communications and canine units.[5]

The IDF rescued a 52-year old man from the ruins of a government office building Jan 17 after he communicated his location by SMS.[6] The Israeli team worked for six hours before finally freeing him.[7]

On Sunday, (Jan. 17), a baby boy was delivered inside the Israeli field hospital. The mother of the child said she would call him Israel. [7]

Israeli emergency response service (ZAKA) volunteers on the ground in Haiti rescued eight students from the rubble of a flattened university building in Port au-Prince, Haiti, on Saturday (Jan. 16).[8] Deploying a six-man team, ZAKA worked for 38 hours with a Mexican military team to rescue the students.[9]

The team is comprised of observant Jews who continued with their life-saving activities over the Jewish Sabbath because Jewish law instructs that Sabbath can be broken to save a life. “With all the hell going on outside, even when things get bad, Judaism says we must take a deep breath and go on to save more people\" said Commander of the ZAKA mission to Haiti Mati Goldstein in an interview with Israeli news outlet YnetNews.[10]

The Israel Forum for International Aid (IsraAid), a coordinating body of Israeli and Jewish NGOs, sent a 15-member civilian response team to Haiti. The IsraAid team includes doctors, nurses, paramedics and logisticians to Haiti and has started work in Port-au-Prince providing emergency medical assistance and distributing humanitarian supplies. The medical team has set up operations in Port-au-Prince’s main hospital while the logistical personnel remain in the airport area to set up camp and assist local NGO partners with logistical support for relief items that were continuing to land.[11]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “Given Israel\'s security needs, we have accumulated much search and rescue experience over the years. We have applied this experience previously in disaster scenes throughout the world - in Mexico, Argentina, Armenia, Kenya, Turkey and elsewhere. I hope and wish that the Israeli mission will succeed, this time as well, in saving as many lives - children, parents and families - in Haiti as possible.”[12]

Following is a partial list of Jewish groups who have set up relief funds and are collecting donations to be sent to Haiti:

American Jewish Committee (AJC) in partnership with IsrAID
To donate to AJC’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, click here
Contact: Web site:

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)
To donate to the JDC’s Haiti Earthquake Relief program, click here
Contact: Beth Weinstein, Tel.: 212-885-0820, E-mail:
Web site:

American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
To donate to AJWS’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, click here
Web site:

B’nai B’rith Canada
To donate to B’nai B’rith Canada’s Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, click here
Web site:
B’nai B’rith International
To donate to B\'nai B\'rith’s Disaster Relief Fund to Aid the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake, click here
Web site:

Canadian Jewish Congress
To donate, visit Web site below
Web site:

Chabad Lubavitch
To donate to Chabad’s Haiti Relief Efforts, click here
Web site:

Magen David Adom
To donate to American Friends of Magen David Adom, click here
Web site:

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger
To donate to MAZON’s Emergency Haiti Fund, click here
Web site:

To donate to ORT’s Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal, click here
Web site:

Orthodox Union (OU)
To donate to the OU’s Haiti Earthquake Disaster Fund, click here

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ)
To donate to USCJ’s Disaster Relief Fund, click here

Union for Reform Judaism (URJ)
To donate to URJ’s Haiti Relief Fund, click here
Web site:

World Jewish Relief (WJR)
To donate to WJR’s Haiti Earthquake Emergency Appeal, click here
Web site:

ZAKA - Israeli voluntary emergency response service
To donate to ZAKA’s Haiti Fund, click here

Expert sources

In Haiti:

Mati Goldstein, Head of the ZAKA International Rescue delegation in Haiti
Cell: 972-52-362-8810 and 972-54-220-9878

Capt. Matan Greenstein, IDF Home Front Command Spokesman
Tel.: +88-165-141-8199
Dr. Gulin and Dr. Sheleg are Israeli doctors in Haiti. They can be contacted through Dr. Baharum, CEO of Nahariya Hospital
Cell: +972-50-788-7575

Yosi Levy, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson coordinating media interviews with MFA officials in Haiti
Cell: 972-50-620-3408

In Israel:
Eran Weintrob, General Manager, Latet (“to give” in Hebrew)
Tel.: 972-3-683-3388
Web site:

MASHAV (Center for International Cooperation)
Fax: 972-2-651-2636

Web site:

Renee Jacqueline Brown, Coordinator Public Relations Desk, Magen David Adom Israel

Tel.: 972-73-263-0004

Web site:

Dr. Efraim Laor, Director, Fast Israeli Rescue & Search Team (FIRST)
Tel: 972-4-6709 944
Fax: 972-4-6709 945
Web site:

Lydia Weitzman, ZAKA Spokesperson

Shachar Zahavi, Founder and Coordinator, IsraAID - The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid
Tel.: 972-54-567-9979
E-mail: or
Web site:

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