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6 novembre 2008 / 10h45
Article rédigé par Y.M  - Source :
- Jewish civil rights activists hail Obama win
Nov. 5, 2008 ALLISON HOFFMAN, JPost correspondent in NY , THE JERUSALEM POST
Jews who took part in the historic Freedom Rides of the early 1960s - including the first one in 1961, the year president-elect Barack Obama was born - told The Jerusalem Post with breaking voices that they felt an overwhelming sense of elation in the wake of Obama's victory as America's first black president. "What happened here is incredibly important in the world," said Faith Holsaert, 65, a native New Yorker who was jailed after going to Georgia in the autumn of 1962 to work with the Student ...

6 novembre 2008 / 10h43
Article rédigé par Y.M  - Source :
- Israeli-American Obama supporters celebrate in Jerusalem.
As Americans went to the polls in record numbers Tuesday - electing Barack Obama the 44th president of the United States and the country's first African-American to ever hold that office
Americans in Israel tuned in to the monumental event by gathering in homes and bars across the country and missing out on a night of sleep to catch a glimpse of history. Alcohol, food, and a disregard for bedtime seemed to be the common theme at many of the election-night parties, which took place in various American enclaves in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Emily Schaeffer, a lawyer in Tel Aviv originally from San Francisco, spent the evening at a friend's apartment, trying to stay awake and followin ...

21 mars 2007 / 01h23
Article rédigé par Y.M  - Source : AJN
- Steven Spielberg and the african-americans
Steven Allan Spielberg (born December 18, 1946) is a three-time Academy Award winning American film director and producer. Spielberg is the most financially successful motion picture director of all time.
He has directed and/or produced a number of major box office hits. As of 2006, he has been listed in Premiere magazine as the most "powerful" and "influential" figure in the motion picture industry, and at the end of the 20th century LIFE named him the most influential person of his generation.[1] Personal Life From 1985 to 1989 Spielberg was married to actress Amy Irving. After his divorce from Irving, Spielberg developed a relationship with actress Kate Capshaw, whom he met when he cast her i ...

23 mai 2006 / 01h53
Article rédigé par Y.M  - Source : La beauté de Cham, Maurice Dorès
- First Leaders of Black and Jewish communities in North America
From the book « la Beauté de Cham », by Maurice Dorès Translated by Emily Mariapain
Before the War of Succession, Blacks of the North played an important role in the abolitionist movement. They defended their rights by speech and by pen, organizing a great number of conventions. In 1853, one of the most important was held in Rochester, New York where the National Council of Colored People was founded. The delegates proclaimed: “Besides the Jews, no other people has been chased by a relentless persecution than the free people of color in the United States. » One of the signer ...

5 mai 2006 / 19h05
Article rédigé par Y.M  - Source :
- Circumcision Studied in Africa as AIDS Preventive
By SHARON LaFRANIERE New YorkTimes, April 28, 2006
JOHANNESBURG, April 27 — For well over a decade, southern Africans have battled the spread of H.I.V. with everything from condoms and abstinence campaigns to doses of antiretroviral drugs for pregnant women — and yet the epidemic continues unabated. Thulani Shongwe, 29, has tried four times to get circumcised at the government hospital in Mbabane. He is still waiting. Now a growing number of clinicians and policy makers in the region are pointing to a simple and possibly potent weapon against ne ...

19 mars 2006 / 23h54
Article rédigé par Y.M  - Source : The Journal of Historical Review,
- Broken Alliance: The Turbulent Times Between Blacks and Jews in America
by Jonathan Kaufman. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1988. 311 pages, $19.95, Hb., ISBN 0-684-18699-3. Reviewed by Paul Grubach
Broken Alliance is an account of how the twentieth-century alliance between Jews and blacks in the United States came into being, and how it came to be broken. Concentrating on the period since the Second World War, the author describes the rise and fall of the black-Jewish coalition through biographies of three blacks and four Jews who were deeply involved in the civil-rights movement. The author of Broken Alliance, Jonathan Kaufman, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Boston Globe. A ...

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