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29 mars 2007 / 14h04
Article rédigé par Y.M  - Source : The times
- They are refugees in their own land, driven out by the plague of Darfur
Driven from villages by militias, the poor of Chad are not even allowed to share aid given to those fleeing war across the border,The Times,March 29, 2007Catherine Philp in Goz Amer, Chad
Fatima Anouf sits in the shadow cast by her straw hut, gazing towards the road up to the refugee camp. A huge white food lorry thunders by in a cloud of dust. The food is not for her or her children but for Sudanese refugees who fled into Chad from neighbouring Darfur. Mrs Anouf has become a refugee in her own country, driven from her home by the same violence that has devastated Darfur and has now spread into the villages over the border. About 20,000 Chadians have become so desperate they have ...

12 mars 2007 / 14h02
Article rédigé par Y.M  - Source : The Times
- Sudan accused over Darfur atrocities in UN report
The Times March 12, 2007, Devika Bhat and agencies
A high-level UN panel has accused Sudan's government of orchestrating and partaking in war crimes in Darfur, also slamming the international community for its failure to protect civilian victims of the bloody conflict. In a long-awaited report into the atrocities, investigators said that international moves to address the issue had so far been "inadequate and ineffective" in the face of widespread rape, torture and other horrific abuses. The report, which was commissioned following an emergency ...

28 février 2007 / 14h00
Article rédigé par Y.M  - Source : The Times
- Sudanese ministers charged with orchestrating slaughter in Darfur
February 28, 2007, The Times, Rob Crilly in Nairobi and David Charter in Brussels
It started with a rallying call to the Janjawid militias and government soldiers: "Kill the Fur." The fighters, drawn largely from the Arab tribes of Darfur, needed no further encouragement from Ahmed Haroun, then an interior minister, who had flown from Khartoum to the town of Mukjar on a dry August day to deliver his message. Witness statements told how he urged the nomadic militias to take on the Fur tribe as part of a campaign against Darfur rebels. By the time that they had finished, the Ja ...

27 décembre 2005 / 10h17
Article rédigé par E.G  - Source : tikkun magazine
- Journalism as Activism: Nicholas D. Kristof & the Genocide in Darfur
Or N. Rose: Over the last few years you have emerged as a unique voice in the mainstream media, using your column as a vehicle for social justice. How did you cultivate this approach to writing? Nicholas D. Kristof: My most formative journalistic expe
ONR: Darfur is one issue that you have pursued doggedly over the last two years.  How did you learn about the situation there and what moved you to pursue this story with such determination? NDK:  In early 2004, I heard both from Doctors Without Borders and the International Rescue Committee about a terrible situation brewing along the Sudan-Chad border. As it happened, there was another story I wanted to do in Chad, so I decided to look into this matter as well.  I should say that I tend to be ...

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