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9 juin 2020 / 08h38
- Statements on the Death of George Floyd
The Jewish Federations of North America is outraged and sickened by the violence of the Minneapolis police officers that led to the death of George Floyd. We share in the heartbreak, pain and sorrow provoked by his loss and the loss of many others through sordid acts of hate and bigotry. May their memory be for a blessing.

We pledge to our brothers and sisters in the black community – and all communities of color – to work together to reverse the systemic racism embedded within our country’s institutions and society in general. “Our work won’t be easy,” revered civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis reminded us this week, “nothing worth having ever is.”

In the strongest terms, we also condemn those who are taking advantage of the anguish over George Floyd’s death by hijacking what would be peaceful rallies across the country for their own violent and destructive agenda. These acts threaten our Jewish communities as well as our democracy as a whole. We commit to partnering with community leaders to ensure the safety of all who are at risk.

Together, we can and must be stronger than hate. We will stand and fight for a world free of racism and bigotry in all of its forms.

Jewish Federations across North America have voiced their sorrow for the death of George Floyd. View their statements below.

9 juin 2020 / 08h37
- New Haven Board of Rabbis & Cantors: A Statement about George Floyd
As rabbis and cantors of the Greater New Haven Jewish community, we cannot be silent at a time of communal crisis. We add our voices to those avowing the principles of our democracy and mourning the senseless murder of George Floyd. We stand in solidarity with our Black neighbors, including Jews of Color, knowing many live each day with the incessant reminder that racism is still a virulent disease in our society. As we sadly add Mr. Floyd’s name to the ever-growing list of senselessly lost black lives which now includes Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many other people of color, we pledge to work together to find ways to bring an end to this calamity by safeguarding the rights of all and, through education, removing the stains of bigotry and hatred.

We condemn those employing ugly rhetoric to marginalize and further divide our nation. We link our arms with those who peacefully demonstrate, voicing a message of hope through the democratic principles of free speech, communal gathering, and the spirit of open dialogue.

We strongly stand in opposition to those who have used this time of mourning and loss to sow chaos through looting, violence, and destruction of property.

11 novembre 2008 / 17h38
- Symposium: What role for parents from minorities in school?
How to act to improve the course of children from minorities in school if their parents are not in school councils? Why are they missing in the main federations of parents? That can make parents in the current debate where there is a risk of ghettoization of some schools with the abolition of the school map? Researchers, elected officials and leaders of associations will be involved around numerous round tables.

Date: Saturday, 22 November 2008 10.30am to 5 pm

Place; Hotel Ibis Porte de Montreuil, Paris

Speakers: Researchers, charitable organizations, and representatives of federations of parents.

11 novembre 2008 / 17h14
The Black-Jewish Alliance of Friendship joins to the two days of mourning of the Haitian people, on November 12 and 13, in memory of children killed in the collapse of a school located in Petion-ville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince. This tragedy which killed 93 and has over 150 injured, has deeply affected us and we would like to express our solidarity in this horrible disaster on so many children and families of Haiti.

11 novembre 2008 / 16h21
- Symposium of the Black Jews Brotherhood
The term " Jewish invisible minority” of Black Jews allows us to compare its significance but also to grasp the dimension. However, it requires a clarification of the concepts of "Jewish minority black" and "invisibility" that is widely used...

Sunday 23 November 2008 2 pm –7 pm
on the topic:
A Black synagogue in Paris?
How it happens in other countries?

Community Center of Paris

119 rue Lafayette Paris 10e, Métro Gare du Nord
Sign up quickly, limited number of places

11 novembre 2008 / 16h21
A week after the election to the Presidency of the United States of America Senator Barak Obama, a delegation representing the Caribbean will be received at the Élysée Palace on Thursday November 13 to 10 hours. The delegation led by Professor Serge ROMANA will consist of Maitre Jean-Claude Beaujour, Mr Daniel Dalin, Madame Jacqueline PAVILLA, Mr Pierre PLUTON, Mr Rene SILO ..

10 novembre 2008 / 16h20
The Representative Council of Black Associations (CRAN) benefited from the wave of "Obamania" to be heard. One delegation was received Monday November 10 in the morning at the Elysee by Cédric Goubet, the chief of staff Nicolas Sarkozy.

Patrick Lozes, president of the CRAN, believed to have been partly heard, including the possible approval of ethnic statistics. A tool that he considers necessary to assess discrimination. The President of CRAN states that "the statistics of diversity are just a photograph of France."

He also believes having received an encouraging response on "affirmative action", an idea that he advocates since the creation of CRAN in 2005 but that differs from "positive discrimination".

9 novembre 2008 / 16h11

Jewish Humanitarian Organization

On Sunday, 16 November 2008
2pm –7 pm

100 authors will sign their books

with a topical debate from 5-7 pm
"Jews and blacks still be natural allies?"
Mairie du 16e, 71 Avenue Henri Martin
75116 Paris Metro Pompe
Free Admission

5 novembre 2008 / 07h50
- The Jews and Blacks Alliance of Friendship has joined the joy of
because of the election last night of Barack Obama as President of the United States. The JBAF extends its warmest congratulations to the new president and the American people. The election of a Black President is a far-reaching event in the history of the United States and a source of encouragement to all those who act everywhere against racism and discriminations, creating huge Hopes for change in attitudes in the United States and the world, without
any differences because of our skin colors. American Jewish associations as have campaigned for this change of mentality and the gap between Black and Jewish citizens around the world. The JBAF is convinced that the new president will seek to strengthen relationships to consolidate peace and democracy in the world and in the Middle East. The JBAF hope that he will oppose with determination to the nuclear projects of the fanatic, aggressive and Holocaust denier Iranian regime.

25 juin 2006 / 00h53
- Launch of the European campaign in favour of Darfour.
On the situation in Darfour
Monday, July 10th, 2006
At 8:00 pm at the Mutuality House
24 rue Saint-Victor
75005 Paris
Metro: Maubert Mutualité

In the presence of:
Céline BALITRAN, presenter of television; Richard BERRY, director
And actor; Patric GAUBERT, President of the LICRA; Bernard-Henri LEVY,
Writer and philosopher; Daniela LUMBROSO, presenter of television;
Youssou N' DOUR, artist; Patric POIVRE D' ARVOR, journalist and writer;

Indeed, since 2003, in Africa, in Darfour this western Province
Of Sudan, deserves one of the gravest humanitarian disasters that we
Knew at present in the world.
Today the number of killed civilians exceeds 300 000.

In front of the pursuit of the ethnic cleaning and the impunity of the criminals,
Let us refuse to remain passive. It's time to start a campaign of
Solidarity with the populations of Darfour.
That is why we invite you to come numerous on this initiative and to
Spread most widely possible the enclosed appeal.

Kind regards,
vice-president EMERGENCY Darfour France

10 juin 2006 / 21h03
- June 14th 2006- round Table on Racial Discriminations in Sport
CAPDIV organizes on Wednesday, June 14th, a round table on the discriminations in the sport.
The sport sociologist Claude Boli will be the guest of this entitled round table " Racism and sport ": with the subtitle: Football: how to put racism offside "

The round table will take place in the room of the marriages ( 2nd floor) of
City hall of the Paris 4th district: 2, Place Baudoyer ( Métro Hôtel de ville. Parking
Baudoyer or Hotel of City / Lobau)
- The reception of the participants will begin at 6:30 pm so that the conference begins at 19 hours
Indispensable preliminary registration on

- After meeting, the participants will be urged to continue the discussion of a way relaxed during a "drink" in the Coffee bar of the City hall (angle street of Rivoli / place of Bourg-Tibourg in front of the City hall)

Indispensable preliminary registration on

23 mai 2006 / 02h34
- Remembrance of the abolition of the slavery: The fight of a Guadelupian geneticist
Beyond a simple question of calendar, the debate around the choice of date to commemorate the history of the slavery crystallizes the confrontations between associations. A Guadelupian doctor, the Dr Serge Romana, took the head of one of the groups in presence. This pugnacious hospitalo-academic wants quite at the same moment to honour the victims of the slavery and to warn against the racist dangers.

15 mars 2006 / 02h03
- Jewish and Black Ethiopian music in Paris
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- Broken Alliance: The Turbulent Times Between Blacks and Jews in America
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- Israelis Save Eight Lives; Deliver New Baby at Israeli Field Hospital in Haiti
The Black and Jewish Alliance of Friendship offers its condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
Israeli and Jewish groups continue their efforts to provide relief to the people of Haiti.[1] On Jan ...
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